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Death by Piano: Satellite Default


Oops, has it really been two months? Into the bargain I just found out that I shared the wrong file in SimSecrets
eight weeks ago. Well, here it is now for everyone: A piano default for the deadly satellite. It's a comedy classic! :D
This default is based on Ove's anvil default. Thanks to her!
Unfortunately it doesn't have the little crater, unlike in the picture. Due to popular demand
I also share my own first try. This one still has the cheesy over-the-topexplosion of
the satellite but the downside of no animation, it just appears in its final position.
Obviously the piano is bigger than the satellite, clipping is possible. As with all defaults, choose only one.
Ove-Psychosim Piano Satellite Default_animation_noExplosion
Psychosim Piano Satellite Default_explosion_noAnimation

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Haha, you're a genius! :D I think I'll have to try this out.

Wow, that's brilliant. In all my years of simming I've only ever had one death by satellite, but now I can't wait for the next xD

This is brilliant! :D

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