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DEFAULTS PART V: School- and Teambus (several options)

DEFAULT part 5 buses

Requested by Bagfran. I was skeptic at first because the buses are textured with a simple square repeated all over the
body, but I'm very pleased with my achievement. :-) With new rims and white walls, of course. Oh, and I also made the
glass lighter and with more blueish tint. This set includes the same replacement for metal-chrome_txtr as the previous set.

DEFAULT part 5 buses

All shown textures are available for both buses. Keep only one per bus.
Also, the teambus shares a texture with the schoolbus, so it's recommended to have both.

DEFAULT part 5 buses


As you know I like to make complete sets, so there're also recolors for Fresh-Princes drivable version and
another shortbody version by rbarnhart67. The latter wasn't selectable after placement, I fixed that, too.


(The textures loook a bit dfferent on this.)

mediafire links:

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All your replacements are so awesome! I never could stand those bright maxis-colors (because, honestly, vehicles aren't supposed to look that shiny). So thank you very much! :D

Dies of joy.

I am so sick right now, and all I'm going to do for the next six hours is sim. I'm so glad I won't have to see that yucky yellow bus every sim morning for the next few sim weeks! :D

oh, get well soon! :)

I had a brain translation error and was wondering what "dice of joy" could mean ... :D

I've just ripped through your LJ and downloaded most of your NPC-type-stuff replacements. I don't play any specific theme in my hood, but I like the idea of things that look not-quite-current and not-quite-polished. These definitely hit the mark!

Ahhh, you did it, and so quickly too! Thanks so much! That light teal bus will be mine! :D

Cool, danke! Irgendwie habe ich mitbekommen dass du in DE wohnst und ich hab mir gedacht "Hey, ich kann auf Deutsch kommentieren, was eine gute Übung für mich!"... Ja, mir ist langweilig. :D
Wie gesagt, danke - die Farben sehen echt besser aus. :D

Ja, ich bin Deutscher, Norddeutscher. :-) Ich war auch schon mal in Amsterdam, eine sehr schöne Stadt!

Schön. :) Ich bin Italienerin, aber mein Freund wohnt in Baden Württemberg.

Achso. Ich dachte, ich hätte irgendwo gelesen, dass du in den Niederlanden wohnst. Alles südlich von Norddeutschland ist mir zu heiß. ;-)

Es ist sehr spät und vielen danke für die defaults und recolors but gibt es a gelbe driveable bus recolor? :)

D: I had no idea I forgot to make/include the yellow recolors! I have quickly remedied that and updated the links.

:D I didn't know you speak German ... kind of.

Was ist LESS THAN ein bisschen? Because that's how much I speak :D
I definitely don't know how to say this colloquialism:
Du bist die pajamas auf die katze!?! Thank you for the yellow buses - das war schnell!
I love all your creations :*

You could say "ein klitzekleines Bisschen" for "a teeny-weeny bit".
"pajamas auf die Katze"? :D That doesn't make sense to me in German nor English. What does it mean? I'm great, like the cherry on the cake? I can't think of a German idiom like that, but you could say "oberaffengeil" (uber-monkey-wicked), that's goofy 90's youth speak. :D

Thank you this bus will fit perfectly in my Bacc. :D

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