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Psychosim's Cardboard Box

Mostly things I do when I should do other things

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Show your pride: World of flags

Flags set

Great Leader's birthday is coming up, time to decorate your streets and buildings with some national pride!
There're plenty of other flags available, though, in case you're not a follower of our Great Leader. ;)
Unless you live on/in a very small islands/nation there's a 99% chance I got you covered. Let's see what I have for you:

Flags set

Free-standing post, two stories high, this is the master object.

Flags set

Three flags sticking out the wall, two stories high, one story high and smaller,
two flags hanging in front of the wall, two stories and one story high.

Flags set

Desk flag to remind presidents as well as office workers of their great nation all the time.

Flags set

Made of heavy cloth, because heavy pride calls for heavy cloth!

(This link downloads the improved versions, more info in the update post linked at the bottom.)
All flags should be basegame compatible and are visible in neighbourhood view.

388 (desk)
562 (stick-out smaller)
940 (stick-out one-/two-story
1014 (wall one-/two-story)
1269 (post)
All flags are my own meshes.

There are almost 200 recolors! Many thanks to
Graverobber, jaccirocker, Nabila, Junky, simmestadde and amythestfenix

on GoS who helped me a lot by doing most of the dull SimPE work! <3
For several reasons the flags are mapped in a way that the image will be twisted on one side. For those flags that
have significant symbols I made a second recolor so at least for pictures the flags will always look right. The first
one (left) of the two in the row of recolors will be the normal flag. Most of the time I turned such symbols around
90 degrees, it seemed to be the right thing for this kind of flags. I hope no one takes offense at this alteration. :)
Below I tried to place the links next to the corresponding flags in the picture,
it's not always accurate, though. Go by the file names when in doubt.

Africa_A-D                  Africa_S-Z
Flags set
Africa_E-L                   Africa_M-R
                                                                                        South America_G-V
Flags set
North America                  Central America (Middle America)              South America_A-F

Flags set

North Europe                  Central Europe
Flags set
South Europe                  UK + Ireland

East Europe_M-U                  Far East_B-L
Flags set
East Europe_A-L                  Far East_M-V

Middle East_A-J                  Middle East_M-Y
Flags set
History                  Fiction

History includes:Fiction includes:
- confederate cross
- confederate stripes
- German Democratic Republic
- German Empire
- German Empire with cross
- German Empire war flag
- Roman Republic
- Thailand WW1
- Yugoslav partisans 1945
- red communist star on green
- yellow Soviet star on red
- pirate skull with swords
- United Federation Of Stars
- Klingon Empire
- Terran Empire (from the mirror universe)
Star Wars:
- Galactic Empire black logo on red
- Rebels red logo on black

If you want everything, you can download from rapidshare: DOWNLOAD ALL
(Inactive because of too few downloads, I will renew this mirror when I upload this set to MTS.)

everything compressorized

I also made a template for you to make your own flags, with all kinds of hints,
basic patterns and extra stuff: psychosim_flags_template (Photoshop CS3)

Update 01/2011: more fictional recolors
 Update 04/2011: separate subsets, dark and light post recolors

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I'm afraid I have no use for these, but I wanted to say thanks anyways! Quite a bit of effort went into these and they look good. :)

I love them! and I actually have use for them! (specially the desk ones, I'm so using little Italy flags on all my sim families :B ahahaha) thank you, you always make things full of win <3

The set looks fantastic! And it's hilarious that the Terran Empire was included XD Awesome!

I'm a secret Trekkie. :3

Not so secret any more! ;)

(It's OK, you're amongst friends!)

Thank you hugely, but especially for the PS template.

You didn't include the flag I wanted, but I wouldn't really have expected you to, since it's so utterly obscure (the original flag of a very small Eastern European state called Tuva, from 1918). ;)

But hey, I have the template, so I can make my own! *Happy dance*

These are so great! They're perfect for my new dystopian version of Strangetown.

Isn't it pathetic that I just saw this post? Thank you very much for sharing and for including the template. :)

I'm also over a month late to wish you happy birthday. Hope it was great.

Yeah, I was planning to upload it at MTS, too, but as I know me I'll probably never come around to do that...

Thank you! It was quiet, which is good.

These are so amazing, thanks so much!

On a side note, and just to let you know, the Rapidshare "DOWNLOAD ALL" link is not working.

I know, but thanks for the note!

Your CC is really unique, and everything you upload is beautiful, too. Thank you for sharing your work!

Hey there, amazing creator!
Just letting you know the link to "Central Europe" is broken (invalid or deleted file).

>:| Always annoying when this happens, Africa A-D was gone, too. Since I keep everything archived it was quickly fixed, though. Thanks for the hint! :)

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