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DEFAULT PART VII: Military uniforms and cars PLUS non-default stuff

Defaults part 7 - military

Less green, more teal. Replacements for all military uniforms and vehicles:

Defaults part 7 - military
Defaults part 7 - military

Defaults part 7 - military
Defaults part 7 - military
Defaults part 7 - military

Those two berets in the corner replace the default camo and the blue beret that generals wear.
The new platoon emblem is a little homage to my favourite sims site. :D


The following are independent items:

Great Leader uniforms

Recolors of the maxis military beret (teen-elder) and CatOfEvilGenius' beret hair/accessory (child-elder).
The hairs come in the four default colors, everything properly binned.

Great Leader uniforms

Left to right: top and bottom recolors of maxis meshes, teen male
recolor of the poodle dress (requires Nightlife), teen female, texture credits go to Cosette (original pioneer uniform)
same uniform for adult females, mesh converted by Gelydh and included

Great Leader uniforms

CrabOfDoom was so kind to convert the simple teen uniforms for adults. Two recolors to match the defaults, meshes are included.

Last a side-product while I extracted the beret mesh to test the texture quicker: Decorative military beret (polycount 264)

military beret deco


BERET HAIR, CatOfEvilGenius (longsimple hair)

Stay tuned for a bunch of civil clothing!

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freakin' awesome. I love the replacements - I love the colors you chose for your Great Leader.

Question, have you thought about defaults for the civilian clothes?
Because I would kind of adore that, I'd love my chill'uns aging into not-peppy-maxis-colorfulness

No, I haven't. Which clothes do you want to be defaults? I could do the toddlers maybe, but the other ages have a lot of clothes to cover...

Oh not all of them! That's be a lot to ask. I just mean take the textures you already have and replace an obnoxious color or two.

I will think about it. I was going to use the suits as defaults for work outfits. Defaulting is very easy, actually, you could do it yourself. Here's a video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIE8hsLZfnc

Yup, I do a lot of defaulting myself. If you had any interest it would save me a bit of time (selfish D:), but no matter! I will do it myself.

Thanks for the replacements you have. And for all your recolors. :)

That's an awesome set of defaults! And that deco beret is one of the coolest things I've seen XD

Humvee as Drivable?

Love all you stuff. just wanted to know ife you had a drivable humvee? (there is one on mts) i just love you recolor.

Re: Humvee as Drivable?

Oh yes, that one by DBCAB. That was cool at its time, but more than six years later its not so good: The glass is in the wrong place and missing in the front doors. Also the tires are not the same, smaller, and that looks kind of awkward. I shall ask Fresh-Prince if he'll make a proper conversion like he did for the other maxis cars.
But here's your wish. It had to be an overwrite since the car is not recolorable. DBCAB put the front doors in the other subset for some reason, so they're still the original green (I couldn't just replace the second texture because that had been altered for the wheels). Put this file in the same folder as DBCAB's car.

Re: Humvee as Drivable?


Yay! These are great!

I've been looking all over for military uniforms and I finally found this tutorial on modthesims. And then I figured out that I need to look in C:\Program Files\EA Games not Users\(me)\Documents\EA Games.

I'm glad I'm not the only one still playing and making cc for Sims 2! Here's my cc masterpost, I feel like I should reciprocate by offering you stuff too :)

Could I ask a silly question? I've been trying to get custom hair to bin in the normal haircolor bins using SimPE - per this tutorial - but it's not working, I think I must be missing a step. I changed the numbers but they're still showing up in the custom haircolors bin. Do you know of another tutorial somewhere (with images that work? lol)


Sorry, my comment got marked as spam. I guess because I put a few links in it? Anyway, thank you for these! I've been looking for military uniforms and these colors are great!

I linked to my Sims 2 cc post but you can find it in my recent posts if you're interested :) I love that people are still playing and modding Sims 2!

It got marked as suspicious because of the links but I could still read it. Are you new to the communiy? You sound so excited to find an active TS2 creator/player, there're still hundreds of them. :D
About your question: Did you check the file again if the numbers are still changed? Maybe you forgot to commit before you saved.

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