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Patrol boats (deco+defaults)

patrol boats

I have patrol boats for your non-unicorns-farting-rainbows worlds! Three sizes, all
based on the biggest model which was shared by Whizzard on 3DXtras.com.
I rearranged the mapping and made a new texture with help of cgtextures.com.

patrol boats

big: 6726
medium: 2262
small: 2123

There're also defaults for the sailingboat and the gondolas. Unfortunately they share the same texture
so you can't mix them with other boats. If you use only a sailingboat default the gondolas still look ok:

patrol boats

But if you use only a gondola default (which do not include the texture)
they'll look like this (used together with a Billyjean boat default):

patrol boats

The gondola defaults work only if you keep a sailingboat default, too!
Personally, I prefer to use the deco ships only and keep my billyjean fishing boats
because the animation was not meant for ships this size. Also, there're several
gondolas spawning at once, so the bigger ships will often blend into each other.



On another note, I need someone who can convert 3ds Max (.max) into an .obj file. I've found this nice mesh which
is low poly and with texture and mapping ready: www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/cargo-ship-max-free/558980

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These will fit fantastically in my hood, thank you! :)

I totally agree about using the deco versions -- that's what I choose all the time, even though it means my neighborhood deco catalog is huge now (especially since I made a whole raft of Soviet-era utopian billboards from your ditopian one).

I would love if you took the time to share your recolors! :D I see your journal is not sims related, I could post them here to give them more attention. :)

Here's the picture of the billboards. The graphics come from various sources, including a Mayokovsky poster, an anti-drunkenness poster, some WWII propaganda (the Santa blowing up Nazis is my favorite there), and the famous shouty lady from Civil War times and a kid's New Year postcard. The zip contains both versions of the billboard, though the picture only shows one. I think there's actually one or two billboards that don't show. There are other soviet-era recolors available, but I'm not sure all of them are successful: several of them are pretty experimental.

I'm still struggling with my Prague recolors (including your tower clock as the Astronomical Clock: I made sure to get a couple of straight-on pictures the last time I was there).

Great, I'll definitely keep some. Thank you!
Alright, I will make a post with them here in a day or two. But your zip contains only the big billboards on the picture, not the small ones.
By the way, the recolors of the Red Lady and Rainy Day Main Street painting are mirrored horizontally, don't ask me why maxis would do the mapping like that on a simple painting.

Sorry! I thought I had fixed both of those issues. So don't make a post with them just yet: tonight or so (Pacific time, Greenwich plus 8) I'll fix them. I guess I fixed the graphics and then forgot to SimPe them. As for the small billboards -- I think I probably grabbed the wrong mesh for those: I certainly did two things.

Mostly, I think, the things I do are too cheerful for your distopia!

Some, yes, but I really like the car advertisement.

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much.

Great work, thanks a lot!

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