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Urban Roofs: 9 new diagonal pieces!

Urban Roofs

lagritsalammas brought to my attention that the set of urban roof pieces I shared in the GoS
Advent 2010 was missing some parts to build on diagonal walls, so I made these nine new pieces.
Combine the corner piece with side pieces for any lenght of diagonal wall. Just remember to put
corner pieces on each tile (not only the actual corner of the building), or else there will be gaps.

Urban Roofs

There's a little shadow problem if the diagonal cube is placed with the long side against a wall,
it's slightly too far into the wall (vice versa it'll be lighted if you do the same inside). I can't change
that, otherwise it wouldn't connect anymore with the other pieces. If this bugs you too much
you can kind of bypass it by using the full cube and covering the inside half with something.
EDIT: Or use "boolprop snapobjectstogrid of", that should work, too.

For those who didn't know about this yet: This is a building set consisting of 29 (+ 9 diagonal) urban
roof pieces that can be combined in various ways. Inspired by Apartment Life, but for basegame!
There're two different depths - one tile or two tiles - and three heights - full wall, half wall and six clicks (fits
under windows). The window pieces fit over many windows and even more if you're a bit tolerant. Everything
is slaved to one master object and there're 2.16 dozens of recolors! Find them in buymode under Misc./Misc.

Do you have only the basegame and did have problems before? This time I've disabled the "valid EP" flags.

I also lowered the flatest cube a bit, there was a gap that is now closed.

Urban Roofs

Urban Roofs

Urban Roofs


3 recolors by yolartut

Greymanticore made some walls using the same texture.
Not quite the same colors but still good matches for some!

gazifu at GoS used these textures for matching walls and floors, yay! :D
Tags: build mode, new/altered meshes
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