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German Unity Day: German Democratic Republic's Flag with Hole

Hey, look at that, I made something for Sims again! :D Just a little treat for now, I'm not really back, yet.
There was another Steam sale, this time Cities: Skylines, need I say more?*

Anyway, I usually don't do stuff that is specifically German, but I had this idea just at the right time. :)
Today, on German Unity Day, we celebrate the reunion of East and West Germany after four decades
of separation. The reunion became official on October 3rd, 1990, roughly a year after the famous fall
of the Berlin Wall (November 9th, 1989). In those days you could see a lot of formely GDR flags which
had the GDR's emblem cut out, a wonderfull symbol for getting rid of an oppressive system.

This is a recolor for my old flags project. You will need the meshes from that and also the historic flags
if you want the original GDR flag, too. Find those here: http://psychosim.livejournal.com/11964.html
Because of technical limitations the shadows of the pole and wall mounted flags don't show the hole.

*Cities: Skylines > Actually I need to say more, because it's on sale again for the next few hours! :D
I love watching the traffic go like little ants. The economic side of the game is not all that challenging
but if you just want to build the perfect ciy in peace you're only one button away from unlimited money.
The game also comes with a hard mode and there are loads of mods to add challenge if that's more to
your liking. There are all kinds of mods for other stuff, too, obviously.

I would say the game is worth the full price and a steal right now! Especially if you're interested in the
extra items of the Deluxe Edition which can be considered pricey otherwise.
I also give my full endorsement to the After Dark DLC that adds several useful and game enhancing
elements. The Snowfall DLC not so much, only get that if you really love snow. The biggest draw for me
is the tram but until the DLC gets cheaper I'll make do with locomotives that look like trams.

Must have mods:
Traffic Manager fixes the unfortunately stupid AI, the biggest annoyance of the unmodded game, and
gives great tools for traffic improvements. (Better AI must be activated separately in the mod options!)
Rush Hour is great to bring your city's life more in sync with the time of day and adds events that cause
traffic to certain buildings. The daily workers' commute will put your street system to the test!
Network Extensions Project provides you with very useful extra roads, such as the small four lane road
for when you really need to upgrade a normal road but don't want to demolish the buildings next to it.


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