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Psychosim's Cardboard Box

Mostly things I do when I should do other things

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"Wall Flowers" default and add-ons - now all fixed!


Thanks to HugeLunatic those lamps are finally fixed, so much yay! :D
Second picture shows before-after of my mesh-replacement.

"Wall Flowers" default and add-ons

Again, recolors in the pictures are by Avis at MTS.

PS: Never has my "shiny stuff" tag been more appropriate. :D

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Do the add-ons work without the mesh replacement? I like them a lot, but I also like the little bowl on the wall sconce.

Sure! I didn't touch the textures, if you don't want the replacement you can leave that out and everything else will still work fine!

Thank you, that's nice.

So much love :D

So much shinny usefulness ^_^

Awesome! I plan on using your wall light for sure- always disliked that bowl. :) (It'd be nice to know what was wrong with them for future reference. You never know, I might get the urge to slave something to a game light!)

There was just some mismatching. Here's some of Lunie's explanation:
"I took the material names and mesh group STRs from the original lamp. Because it is easier than cutting and pasting all those lines. Then in the BHAVs, just linked to the correct line number for each relevant mesh group and material. You had some misnaming in yours, they need to match the lamp you slaved to. This is also the reason for the not working groundlightpattern."

That floor lamp is lovely, but I especially love you got rid of that idiotic bowl thingie at the bottom. Thank you so much. :D

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