psychosim (psychosim) wrote,

Replacements: Default Wall and Floor Edge

These were some "by the way" creations while I was going through the game files, simple but effective.
First there's a replacement for the default wall, now with a scale on it. That's very useful for those who
build with the cfe cheat. Never again you will get lost about how many clicks that one wall is high! =)
Second there's a grey replacement for the floor edge. That yellow/brown always annoyed me and there were no second
thoughts once I found that texture. Thanks to HystericalParoxysm for the inspiration when she made this for TS3.
They're seperate files so you can choose if you want both or just one.

UPDATE: Shasta made the scale a regular wall!

More beautiful options for the edge by Feenwald!
Defaults for wall and foundations by evanesco!
Defaults for the wall top by Maranatah!
Tags: build mode, psychosim's finds, replacements

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