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Psychosim's Cardboard Box

Mostly things I do when I should do other things

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WIP: Space container hull and windows

Update! For the last few days I've been working on this project again. I turned around all the meshes I had so far so the catalog thumbnails will show the inside when you use the design tool. Because the way I plan it there will be a lot more recolours for the inside. Then I learned the importance of the south/north parts of windows. If you do it wrong like I did parts of the inside will have that blue hue at nighttime as if they were outside, and vice versa. So I had to do some cutting and refitting. And of course the way maxis designed windows the meshes for the north and south part can't be in your mesh program like they will be in the game, instead they have to be at different offsets. Ugh! That also makes it rather fiddly to line up the corners' edges just right. I still have to fiddle some more with the corner in these pictures. On the bright side I tried out an idea I had for a long time and am very pleased with this roof dome window:


There are some gaps around the sides of the hole but that'll be easily fixed. The window's frame will most definitely need a new texture with finer details, though.


The concave corner doesn't exist, yet, that are just two straight pieces in the picture. As you can see highlighted in the next picture, the corners are actually one piece with a straight. I tried deco objects for corners first, but that way you'd get all kinds of different lighting issues.


Unfortunately that will mean two versions of every corner for left and right. Ugh, wait, the concave corner would actually need to be two separate pieces, too, since they're covering two wall segements. Or I could do one piece and one invisible full wall window that doesn't let light in. Did I mention that only the actual window pieces let light in? :) So if you're into the dark and dingy space container life style no accidental over-lighting will hinder your vision.

Corner 90 degree left
Corner 45 degree left + right
Concave 90 degree corner
Concave 45 degree corner
invisible non-window window?
Flat end corner left + right (like, with just a panel in the side to cover the hole)
a little fence thing to connect the frame bits around the top
roof dome window
window frame retexture (hopefully no remapping required)

oh yes, almost forgot: diagonal meshes for everything! *whimper*

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Those look awesome!

And good to see you again in my feed - I miss all my sims2 folks.

Yes, hard to believe this is only my third post here this year. Time flies!

It does! I barely have time to post myself, with all the cats and now the dog in addition to taking care of Wally (and fitting in riding somewhere in there!)

I finally got to sim tonight for about 90 minutes; no more marathon sessions like I could with sims2; the game likes to throw errors if you play for too long.


These are just wonderful! We can always use spotlights and floodlights and such if we want them pretty, clean and well illuminated.


OMG I need those badly. I've been neglecting my scifi hood...epo

Wonderful work! It's nice to see the Sci-fi textures still living.

Yeah, I use that word a lot, but I can think of a zillion scenarios to use these grungy lovelies in!

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