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Psychosim's Cardboard Box

Mostly things I do when I should do other things

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Water and Sky plus some more hood deco

sky and water objects

One of my courses today got canceled, that means goodies for you. =) I was tired of bright blue water and sky so
I made some objects to fix that rather than further searching for the right textures in the game files: I took the deco sky
for lots by chris997 (MTS), enlarged and made it into a neighbourhood deco. The texture is my favourite recolor by
Jasper from Simvention (aka wanderingjasper).
I also made two objects to change the waters color: One transparent cover to be placed over the surface, one solid
black object to be placed deeper so you can't see all the way down to the ground. It also kinda solves that weird look
you get when you place decorative ground covers on the coastline.
Here's how it looks, left with the water objects only, right with the sky added, bottom in lot view
(sky can't be seen, use the original sky object there):

sky and water objects sky and water objects
sky and water objects

All objects have a grabbing area in one corner that is brightly colored for easy finding and small enough to be hidden
under the smallest maxis rock. Place the transparent water cover on the coastline so it's right above the surface (you
might have to turn it a bit to cover the whole terrain). Place the solid black cover a bit more down. Don't place it directly
under the surface because when you go into camera mode on a lot the water level changes!

sky and water objects

And here's some more stuff:

Criquette embankment II
Criquette Ferry ramp

Two more add-ons for Criquettes embankment (first part here), one piece only stone without fence or lamp
(useful for harbour areas and to fill gaps) and one with the stairs only for situations where you don't have enough
space for the normal stairs piece. (The road piece is part of the first add-on.) Second the sunken ship from
Castaway that was extracted on MATY but I removed the rocks around it. And third a recolor of Criquettes
ferry ramp, more brownish and with wooden planks.



Add: APOCALYPTIC RED SKY (GoS apocalypse theme)
sky deco GoS Apocalypse month

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Psychosim, these are too amazing for words.

And thank you so very much, of course!

Question: can the sky be recoloured, or is it just the one colour? Hmm wait, neighbourhood deco can't be recoloured, can it ... so if someone wanted to have a differently coloured sky, they'd have to clone your version?

That's right, like any neigborhood object it needs to be cloned. You can easiely transfer any recolor of the original deco sky, the grabbing area is a seperate part of the mesh with its own texture.

You did it (found a way to change the water colour, I mean)! I'm happily hoarding all your 'hood deco, and I have a cunning plan for its use. :)

Cunning plan? I'd like to see that. :)
And there are actually mods on mts to change the water color but none of those worked for my game. Also, Criquette was the one who had the idea to place an object under the water. But that still left a blue edge at the coast, so that's where I had the idea to place something OVER it, too.

I'm pretty much making an altar for you now. I love all of this all too much. Thank you!

aww, no altar, please, I'm just a human. Thanks. 8)

This sky is beautiful! This and your red apocalypse sky will be perfect for a haunted house story I want to write. Thank you.

This looks fantastic! I need to try this out next time I am in-game. It fantastic you managed to change the water colour and the sky looks amazing too. Thank you very much for sharing!

Amazing. Simply amazing. Words cannot describe how much I love the sky. Thank you so much!

OH. MY. GOD. That sky+water object. It's something I've been dreaming of for ages. Thank you so much for making these and for sharing! :)

This is wonderful! So dramatic.

Hey there! I'd like to thank you for the amazing sky, it's one of those innovative objects that change the game experience completely, and I love it.

Now, I have been trying to create some recolours, and all was well, except that I can't figure out how to give them different GUIDs. I have to admit that I have next to no experience with creating CC, so I have to go on tutorials. But they all state that you change GUIDs in the OBJD entry, only there's no OBJD entry in your package! :)

What would you suggest? I figured you'd be the one to ask, as you're the creator of the original NH object. I would very much appreciate any help you can offer me, even if it's little.

You wouldn't need to change the GUID, unlike other objects nh-deco gets a new GUID automatically when you clone it. (There's possibility of conflicting with other custom hood deco but that's rather unlikely, given that there's far less hood deco around than normal objects.)
But if you want to: It's in the Neighborhood Object XML (with the different icon) and there it's the 4th line.

May I ask what neighbourhood map you are using?, it's hard to find one with a good river in it.

It's my own and I haven't shared it yet. If a map with a nice river is what you want I recommend Criquette @MTS and heimskur @GoS (the download ink is a few posts beneath the pictures).

Wow many thanks , I'm too pleased with these
Welcome to the end of the world

I can't wait to try those sky decos! Thanks so much :)

Wow!!!!!!! This is tooooo amazing, fantastic.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Um, I think you may have the wrong text for the wrong links, if you're wondering. ^_^

Oops! It's fixed now, thanks for the hint!

No problem! Glad to help!

Thank you so much, especially for the red sky. I took some pictures using it in my new post-apocalyptic hood. =D

(Deleted comment)
I have no idea about that coding stuff. You'll just have to use the original sky projector on lots, sorry for the inconvenience!

Your sky and water...

...are bloody brilliant! Thank you! I will use them in my neighbourhoods from now on (and credit you duly!)

" Red Apocalypse Sky" Available in lot view ?

Love your Red Apocalypse sky ! Also have Chris997's original lot view weather color options. When in lot view, there's a red bowl icon along with Chris' blue icon ; and when clicked ,the entire sky on that lot turns a nice red like your creation. But when the sims are enabled to start walking around ---the red color disappears. Is there any way to enable your red hood deco in lot view ? Thanks in advance.

Re: " Red Apocalypse Sky" Available in lot view ?

Yes, that's a problem with Chris997's sky. His sky is really cool with that function that the sky changes daily, but it prevents recolors to work in live mode. So recolors are more for taking pictures in buy/build mode. Maybe someone made a copy without that function? I think it was CuriousB? I think Ja made a sky, too. I must admit I never really thought about that because I spent most time just building.

Here's a link to Ja's sky. It's a different object but it has some redish skies, too. http://ja-viera.livejournal.com/11280.html

Thanks !

OK, I'll go and check out the link... thanks again !!

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