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Garage Car to work on

UPDATE 2015: Finally this car is visible in neighbourhood view! For the big slaving project version go here!
UPDATE 2011: As part of a big slaving project (62 cars so far) there's a new version of this here.

Garage Car

This is based on Dr Pixels skill motor so your sims can actually work on it and gain mechanical skill points.
It's VPNs Smoogo P.A. 25 modell. The version in this post is slaved to the original P.A. 25, that means
it will pick up any recolors you have for that car. (Some grungy recolors by me at VPNs Garage or at MTS -
or directly from mediafire: grungy recolors) You don't necessarily need the car but at least one recolor for it,
or this will just be flashing blue. Unfortunately it's not visible in neighbourhood view (I tried).

Garage Car

Polycount: 16.114
There are two options: "Nightlife" will appear in the cars category, while "Basegame" is categorized
as Hobbies/Misc. For those without the Nightlife EP I included the original car's color as a recolor.

Files compressorized.
Do you also have my Underground Station or the grungy Hotel? click here

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freaking amazing work! thanks!

This is wonderful. Dr. Pixel's motor is too garish, even in the recolor I found, and I keep cringing every time I use it. This is more like it!

You mean this recolor? I find it pretty neat, but I think I have modded it. Do you have SimPe? In one of the material definitions it says "outdoordaytime-envcube". Set that to "none" and the reflection is gone.

I keep learning about that, and forgetting to go into SimPe and do that to about half the custom content I have. Thanks for reminding me!

Awesome! Your talent and creativity continues to amaze me.

Truculent Beastie

I love what you made. Thanks for taking the time to make it.

Thank you for this great work,a frenchy admirator.

Download Link

The download link for the car just redirects me to this page.

Oops, I must have messed up when I was copying links from the update post. It is fixed now and you can download it from either here or there. :) Sorry for the late reply!

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