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Psychosim's Cardboard Box

Mostly things I do when I should do other things

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[sticky post]Thank you - Credits/Resources - ToU - Creations List - Projects/Ideas - TS3 Conversions of my stuff
A general Thank you! here since I don't do that on every comment. I only reply if I have something specific to say, but all your comments are appreciated! While I probably won't be able to stop creating as long as I play the game, your lovely comments are part of what makes the extra time for sharing worth. :)

Credits & Resources
simPE - The Compressorizer - LotAdjuster - Categorizer - wings3d
Simlish fonts:
regular & comic style by SIMale
deviantART: princess-of-shadows - etereas - pincel3d

Terms of Use
Common sense.
Exception for TSR:
None of my work may be shared or used for creations shared in any way on tsr. No creating based on my mesh- or texture work, no including of my work with sims, lots or anything.
Everyone else:
Use whatever you have use for, however, whenever, wherever! 8D
Please ask if you want to do something with my "Great Leader" theme. (I could help you. ;) )
If you make an addition to one of my sets or recolor something I'll be happy about a link so I can add that to my entry! :)
Keep it free!
Credit appreciated, but in general just don't lie about things that weren't your work.
I don't mind if you share my work so others can enjoy it. You can host it on your own server as long as it's freely available to everyone and you don't claim it as your own work.
If you convert my stuff for TS3 please give me a link for my conversions index! :)

Creations List
I took the time to go around the various places of my sims creating history and have now a full list (I think) of everything I ever shared somewhere. :) I also finally noted down my projects, requests and ideas. Hopefully I will forget less now.
Creations list: It's a PDF with links, with notes which thing is available where. You might find something interesting in my past and on less known sites: CC-free lots and apartment house templates, a nice beach house (no BV required) or raceway related stuff for example.


- nh-deco Prypiat themed - abandoned amusement park (part I done)
- various recolors included in Winner Street lots as seperate upload

- cornflakes/milk (Great Leader)
- mugs (Great Leader)
- default/recolor birthday cake
- money (Great Leader)
- workclothes (Great Leader)
- carpool cars
- maid car/taxi clean and grungy more vintage defaults here
- book (Great Leader)
- magazines/magazine rack (Great Leader)
- kids toys
- satelite (meteor/Thor's hammer) piano default
- flag as mirror (charisma skill + romance building), slaved to the big set - HugeLunatic's skeleton
- Aviation project: Fokker E-III - Morane Saulnier Type L - Fokker D.VII - Fokker Dr.I - Camel Triplane
- grungy car F-P Checker Marathon
- barrier and gatehouse, floor hooks
- multi-story wall overlay for house-side painted ads
- universal (invisible) version of Dr Pixels workable engine + bunch of deco cars with open hood/loose parts - made a universal wrench
- build set steel framework for rounded train station roof (columns/fences/deco objects?)
- posts with observation cameras/monitor wall
- heavy machinery for factories
- big vintage computer terminals
- rolling grilles for shops
- half-opened garage doors (industrial) as arches
- Folk Palace
- "brown apartment"
- Soviet constructivism apartment houses (one done for GoS advent)
- various Winnerstreet buildings
- promenade pier buildings (on foundation)
- train station
- line of factories
- "Build your own factory" set
- railway buildings (crane, fuel/water station)
- more detailed traffic signs
- Great Leader clothing (=teal) (part I done)
- neighbourhood/map
- careers Great Leader themed: factory worker - political

Things I can't do (maybe you want to do them for me? ;)):
- Soviet style soldier hat (the narrow one)
- maxis military cap as accessory for both genders, teen to elder
  or the hair converted to female (accessory would be more versatile of course)

Feel free to add your two cents and shout if you see something that you'd be especially happy about. My main criteria for creating is still what I feel like creating at the moment, but if I know that someone's waiting desperately that might make me more likely to feel like it. ;)

TS3 Conversions
Pripyat ferris wheel: http://sims3-modeli.ucoz.ru/forum/22-174-6#13733
Wall scale default: http://circuswolfsims.tumblr.com/post/76189758649/oh-yeah-i-forgot-teeheehee-mts-tested-this

Have you seen a TS3 conversion of my stuff? Please point me to it! :)

This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. and its licensors. All Rights Reserved.

I've got all EPs, but I think the AL inspired BG compat roof deco will be very popular!

Every single item on your lists makes me squee a little in joy for my post-apoc hood.

I've seen at GOS that you're trying to create a game UI of your own but are having some trouble. I think I can help you, as since I've got Simpe my favourite thing is fiddling with the game files. And as I was considering doing a UI for my own themed game, there might be some useful information exchange.

I'm writing this here as I don't have a GOS account, I hope you don't mind.

The texture with a yellow/orange gradient and a blue triangle may be part of a bar which can be lowered or raised. I say this because there are similar textures for the mood and aspiration bar. My memory is poor so I can't say exactly which bar is that, but I'm going to check which bar is that.

I guess that tone of blue from the same image means transparency.I've noticed that some images work as masks over others.

Some of them which are repeated images slightly different are for different icon states (mouse over/clicked/unactive).

I'm doing some research for my own UI project, but if you're interested in some info sharing/exchange, tell me.

Ha, the green-to-white and red-to-white bars may be the backgrounds of wants and fears - they light up when fulfilled, and each square is a frame of the animation. At least I'm guessing so.

Of course I don't mind. Thanks for the info! That makes sense that it's some animation background. I guess it shows that I haven't really played for a long time. I'm not sure how I could contribute to info sharing, since I'm either clueless or it's obvious. I'm a bit discouraged from this project because it's so big, and I have only two EPs so it would never be complete for most other players. :/

On another note, yes, your icon looks kind of nazi-ish. I was going to ask if you play a totalitarian game, too. :D It reminded me of this (totally not sims-related) movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ycrg7HtmIY
If you have pictures or something about your hood posted somewhere I'd be interested to see them. :)

You're welcome!

Yep, considering the huge amount of files that need to be modified, replacing the UI may seem a VERY tiresome project. But it can be a group project, perhaps? We could try and see if there are more people interested in contributing, decide on an especific look for the UI, choose a colour palette, maybe create a set of photoshop actions, then divide tasks (such as person A modifies basegame files, person B Uni files, person C NL files, et cetera)so it's not an overly insane amount of job to do.

I would love to say I *play* a totalitarian game, I'm still too busy projecting and building it, lol. But yes, that's the theme of my game: a place (Simmestadde) ruled by a dictatorship and with all those things this implies (cult to the leader, nationalist propaganda, workers which believe they are an important cogwheel for the system) but at a certain point my main character, a soldier of the Simmestadde's army which until then believed the system was good discovers that the government is involved with UFO appearances and secret genetic experiences with the population. So he goes to jail for discovering this and not agreeing, but manages to escape from prison and then tries to gather allies to overthrow the dictator. But I'm still projecting this world, building the neighborhood, creating the characters, and have a lot of work before actually playing the game. But I think you already know this by your own experience :P

The movie you linked is superb and it's funny that's exactly how I want my game to look like! Such a great inspiration, thank you for showing me. And unfortunately, I don't have any screencaps of my game, but I'm gonna getting some to share :D

AlfredAskew on GoS would be interested in a group project. I'd rather do some other projects first and maybe tinker a bit with the UI before I make a real project out of it.
As you can see on my list I'm planning to do some big flags. If you have a decently sized version of your simmestade logo I could do recolors for your game right away. :) We could interweave our games a bit, your state could be an opponent of mine and vice versa. Every totalitarian regime needs a clear concept of the enemy. ;) Or they're allies, or it's a love-hate relationship like Germany-Russia.

I would have thought someone would have made that already - or at least thought of it - but I've been looking all over for electricity pylons as neighborhood objects. I figure you'd be the one to ask for that kind of object. There are plenty of different shapes, sizes and models out there, but I figure any kind would be a perfect fit for an industrial, trailer park or post-apocalyptic neighborhood.

I hope you like that idea. Thanks and congratulations for the many awesome mods you've produced so far.

Ja at Garden of Shadows is working on some, and I know Criquette made some. Look at MTS, if he hasn't uploaded them officially maybe he posted a link in his journal.

Ah, right, I have a big-sized picture of Simmestadde's flag (actually 1024px wide), but would it be square, not rectangular?

I'm not really certain about Simmestadde's leader, but I'm thinking of making a female leader. Having a dictatress would be different, perhaps funnier. Maybe her and your Great Leader could have been lovers when they were young and then broke up as enemies:P

I've found a tutorial explaining about font creation with CorelDRAW somewhere...that software is not the most suitable for professional typography creation, but I think it'll do for this kind of informal project.

What would be square? Textures for objects have to be square but it's no problem if your picture is not. The flags I'm planning would be mostly rectangular banners. Just send me a PM with the file. :)

A female leader is a great idea! I'm thinking of Cleopatra & Caesar.

I got a suggestion what you can do when you are finished with all stuff.
Make a story and post it here on the LJ

I have some loose ideas for a story. If the community is still around by the time I'm finished with all stuff I might do it.

An idea for you to consider.

You've featured the "Great Leader" on a lot of your stuff-and I notice that someone above suggested a female type for you to possibly do. I would like to suggest you could do the male version of Great Leader as he appears in your stuff (male)-he looks rather fascinating, to say the least, and everyone could make his world, or what Great Leader orders them to do.(that is, if you're into making sims.)

Re: An idea for you to consider.

Yes, simmestadde made a female dictatress, you can view pictures of her on his journal.

Thank you for the compliment, but I don't intend to share my Great Leader. He's rather meant to be a symbol: He's omnipresent, but you never actually meet him.


I have a request-kind-of-a-thing for you. I've grown rather attached to your roof construction set (thank you a thousand times for releasing it!) and, naturally, I use it quite a lot. Trouble is, I sometimes build corner houses and here's what happens when I combine them with your roofing - http://shangriquama.net/pics/psychosimsroofcorner.png. It looks even worse when the diagonal wall is two tiles long.

I usually just end up building a diagonal tower onto the top of the corner, but some diversity in the look of my neighbourhood wouldn't do bad. I'm not pushing you, but if you do happen to have some time to work on this, I'd be ever so thankful. I don't have much to give in return, other than a Dreamwidth invite code, should you need one. Or I could send you some chocolate if you supply me with your real address. :)

Thank you in advance,

That's a good idea, I'll look into it.
I already registered at DW when they had their "free for all" week, and I never give away my address on the internet, but your offer is appreciated. :)

Love your site man keep up the good work

Some of the things-you-can't-do are relevant to my interests (pilot cap and goggles <3) I'll keep this in mind next time I feel like making cc. Have you seen OFB cap and goggles? Are they close to what you had in mind?
And Great Leader cereal sounds amazing and hilarious.

That would be great. :) Something like the OfB cap would be fine, something to fit my old planes. I just don't have that EP. Similar goggles to the OfB ones have been done (by spoiled-kitten for example). I would LOVE if someone put the NL goggles on the eyes, like welder goggles. I thought it had been done and looked for it a long time, but I've never seen a pic using them, so I probably just dreamt it.

For the cap, maybe you could make it a clone of Bloom's helmet? ( http://www.insimenator.org/showthread.php?t=90730 ) Sims can put it on and off like that career reward helmet, and it replaces the hair with a bald head, so it doesn't limit the everyday hair style (only downside: it disappears when you leave the lot). From my own experience Bloom is cool with other creators using his stuff. :)

(Deleted comment)
Yes, there's a cult around Great Leader. My inspiration is mostly mid-century USSR and a bit of German Democratic Republic.

my game

In my game, I have remade Downtown (thanks to some of your downloads) into a totalitarian regime run by Der Furher, Frau Agnes Krumpplebottom and her all female bodyguards, the Krumpplecops. It is based on Nazi riech.

I call it "Meanie-apolis of the Peoples Republic of Mini-sotah", where she preaches the virtues of Sim-hood as originally setup by the Great Creator (Will Wright). Frau Agnes' minions are "re-educateing" the public into toeing-the-partyline. Those who don't are "re-indoctrinated" (men are drafted into a zombie army, women get remade into KrumppleKlones).

Just imagine some night, in a dark alley, you hear the reververating echo of scores of goosestepping orthopedic shoes coming towards you.

What a creative idea! =D I wonder why I never thought of Krumpplebottom as a dictator. I could still make her some smaller leader person in my universe. Thanks for that great idea!

Re: my game (Anonymous) Expand
Re: my game (Anonymous) Expand
Found some inspiration for your tram-railroad.

The site is in Swedish but the picture aren't.
It's a LEGO-building of a tram-railroad landmark in Stockholm ca 1940, called "The Mushroom".

Thanks! I'm a fan of LEGO buildings. :D

Music Files

Hello. I’m currently extracting and converting some music files from SimCity Societies for some projects and the Authoritarian music got me thinking of your stuff. I was wondering if you’d like some of the files for yourself or whatever. I'm personally going to use it in my neighborhood and CAS.

Thanks very much for your kind offer! :) I listened to the authoritarian themes on youtube and they sound a bit too modern for my own taste. But I'm sure there're others who would gladly use them. I can share/promote it on my journal if you don't have your own place. If you're a member at GoS, it would fit there, too.

Re: Music Files (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Music Files (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Music Files (Anonymous) Expand